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Helping you save emissions and money.



You want to do the right thing and save energy and emissions, but it has to make financial sense too.  Exa Energy Consulting will help you find those opportunities and help make them happen, from renewables to efficiency to  optimization.

Exa Energy Consulting can prove out a range of energy management ideas with feasibility evaluations including:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation and other self-generation options

  • Energy efficiency

  • Peak electrical demand charge shaving

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging

  • Carbon footprint pricing impacts


Exa offers the following services:

  • Clean energy business strategies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Staff Q&A

  • Stakeholder consultations

  • Project oversight.



Some of the most exciting and leading edge projects we've worked on are:

  • Finding electricity, natural gas and diesel fuel saving opportunities for a tourism company to save several thousands of dollars per year, and helping with their 10-year emission reduction plan

  • Providing technical support for a solar-powered 6 electric vehicle urban demonstration project to prove that EVs are the way to go

  • Evaluating a megawatt size battery energy storage facility to help a utility add more solar power to their grid, improve power supply reliability and see new business opportunities


  • Planning several megawatt size solar 'farms' capture this free local resource.



Exa Energy has been fortunate to work with excellent clients and partners such as:

  • S-cubed Environmental Services

  • Primary Engineering and Construction

  • Saskatchewan Environmental Society

  • Energy Six Consultants

  • Saskatoon Car Share Co-op

  • Sun Country Highway



Jason Praski is the Principal of Exa Energy Consulting and has worked in the energy sector in Saskatchewan and area for over 25 years.  His involvement in renewable energy extends back even further.  He has a degree in mechanical engineering and has contributed as a project investigator, project developer and project manager with various energy projects and evaluations including solar power, energy storage, electric vehicles, biofuels, energy optimization, waste heat and others.  He now consults to various clients and builds relationships with local decision makers as many projects involve up-front education as a first step for businesses or communities to see the financial, environmental, and social benefits to greening their energy. 


Jason invests volunteer time with the great people at the SES Solar Co-operative where several commercial-scale solar power projects have been installed and advice has been given to many others for their own projects.


His passion for clean energy also extends to home, where he and his family own an energy efficient house with solar power and hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Contact us for more information, for advice or to get your exciting energy project going:

Jason Praski, P.Eng.

Exa Energy Consulting

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